Scholz & Friends Strategy Group

The Scholz & Friends Strategy Group is the competence center for brand & marketing consulting that places brand & user experiences on a strong and strategic foundation. The strategists of the Scholz & Friends Strategy Group get to the bottom of problems and provide customized solutions. They bring together what belongs together: analytical business thinking and creative inspiration, data and creativity, external user insights and internal company perspectives. The result: creative business solutions for almost every marketing challenge and a strong base for brand and user experiences that change the way people think, feel and act. From brand strategies, brand positioning, media and UX strategies, data analytics, consumer insights, market and trend research to all questions of brand architecture and change management: more than 30 strategists of the Scholz & Friends Strategy Group advise with extensive expertise and empathy. Within the framework of client relationships of the Scholz & Friends Family, but also as an exclusive strategy consultancy for brands and companies.

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