The Jingleboard

From the ear to the belly

McDonald's has restaurants all over Germany, also nearby classical concert halls. Hundreds of concertgoers and musicians flock to the performances every day, but McDonald’s is the last thing on their minds.

Classical concert halls. Where everyone is obsessed with the notes of Mozart and Beethoven…and not the location of the nearest McDonald’s. This is where the Jingleboard enters the stage: At first, an OOH with no branding and then: an ear worm worthy of a symphony.

The Jingleboards have been placed in front of Germany’s most famous and most visited concert halls. The very minimalistic OOH poster shows the musical note sheet of the world-famous McDonald's jingle "I’m lovin’ it" and a simple indication of direction and distance. The concertgoers and musicians understood the message immediately at first sight.

Scholz & Friends
  • Bronze / ADC Germany
  • Silver / New York Festivals
  • Silver, Bronze/ London International Awards
  • Silver, Bronze / Epica Awards
  • Silver / The One Show
  • Bronze / Eurobest Awards
  • Bronze / ADC Europe
  • Bronze / Gerety Awards

Such a simple idea that blew the lid off what constitutes audio – hearing something without actually hearing something. We were lovin’ it.

Jow HawkinsLIA-Award judge for radio & audio