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Sexual Harassment leaves its mark

Two in three women experience sexual harassment in their lives. The #UnsilenceTheViolence campaign launched today by TERRE DES FEMMES draws attention to this alarming fact. The women's rights organisation is making a statement against sexual harassment at well-known female bronze statues in Munich, Berlin and Bremen, using a phenomenon that occurs frequently: these bronze statues are repeatedly touched on the breasts by passers-by. This leaves its mark - just as it does on victims of sexualised violence. However, affected women often remain silent out of fear of not being taken seriously or even being accused themselves. And far too often, society simply looks away.

Konstantin Lössl becomes Chief Orchestration Officer of the Scholz & Friends Family

Konstantin Lössl will be appointed Chief Orchestration Officer of the Scholz & Friends Family from March 1, 2024. Scholz & Friends is thus underlining the strategic importance of orchestration for the future development of the agency group.