The Big Mac®

Craved since 1973

McDonald’s Germany honors and celebrates their Big Mac® as the only restaurant meal to become part of modern pop culture, globally. Since its introduction in 1973, the love for the burger’s unmistakable shape and taste has only grown bigger, bolder, crazier.  

To illustrate this love, each visual was made up from original references from several decades worth of film, music, art, gaming and the internet - places where the Big Mac® has played an active part. Each of the oversized posters The Craving Mouths, The Craving Hands and The Craving Artists was carefully placed in culturally and contextually relevant locations around Germany. 

Scholz & Friends
  • The Best Agency - 1x Bronze (2021)
  • ADC Germany - 1x Gold, 3x Silver (2022)
Craved since 1973