BiFi and Scholz & Friends shock influencers with lie detector test

BiFi presents itself modern and versatile with a new slogan and campaign. For this, the well-known snack brand relies on Scholz & Friends as its new creative agency and on honestly humorous influencer marketing.

What do influencers really think about the BiFi Veggie products they praise in their posts and reels? After all, they are paid to advertise the products. Can you trust their statements then? Does Bachelor contestant Niko Griesert really find the BiFi Veggie better than grandma's food and would like to drink it as a protein shake? Does Temptation Island contestant Sandra Janina van der Heide really want to tuck into BiFi Veggie? At least that's what they tell their followers on their social media channels.

Scholz & Friends and BiFi investigated and connected the two influencers to a lie detector to reveal the truth about their advertising claims. The resulting film, "The Influencer Interrogation," is the centerpiece of the new campaign. Spoiler: In the advertising messages, the two may have exaggerated a bit and not meant everything so literally. But in between a BiFi veggie they really like to eat.

"In between BiFi" is fittingly also the new claim introduced as part of the campaign.

Giuseppe Puglisi, Head of brand BiFi Emea at Jack Link's Protein Snacks: "BiFi Veggie is an honest and delicious snack for in-between meals that focuses on enjoyment and variety - without any meat. Honesty is particularly important to us in brand communication, so we also wanted to hear the unfiltered opinion of the influencers who promote our products. We're delighted that the result was such a humorous campaign."

Jens Petter Waernes, Managing Director Creative at Scholz & Friends Group: „Influencers can't be wrong - or can they? With our lie detector test, we put advertising claims through their paces - because honesty looks good on any brand. And BiFi Veggie tastes good to every testimonial, even with slight exaggerations."

The digital campaign runs from May to October 2023 and includes YouTube, meta and influencer marketing.


Denise Dreiling, Senior Brand Manager
Giuseppe Puglisi, Head of brand Bifi Emea at Jack Link's Protein Snacks

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin
Geschäftsführung: Till Eckel
Kreation: Jens Petter Waernes, Julia Timberlake, Curtis Mack, Christoph Hof, Johannes Hicks, Jaydee Nujsongsinn
Beratung: Samy Kouatli, Jasmin Haesen, Bojana Hrnjak, Maxi Schicho
Strategie: Sabine Gräfenstein
Produktion: Alina Resnicek

Production: Panamono GmbH
Simon Meyer, Jonas Kohladoozan, Christoph Neuhaus

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