Nele Schnieder becomes Chief People Officer of the Scholz & Friends Family

People & Culture will play an even greater role in the Scholz & Friends Family in future. As Chief People Officer of the Scholz & Friends Family, Nele Schnieder will support all agencies in the group with people & culture topics from March 1, 2024.

Nele Schnieder, Chief People Officer Scholz & Friends Family

With Nele Schnieder, the Scholz & Friends Family will have a Chief People Officer for the first time from March 1st. In this new key function, she will be responsible for managing people & culture topics such as talent acquisition, people development and people management within the Scholz & Friends Family agencies in an even more holistic manner. This includes, among other things, bringing together the best minds for specific tasks and offering all employees even more diverse prospects for personal growth and career development.

The move follows the consistent strategy of transforming the Scholz & Friends Family from an administrative holding company - known as Commarco until 2020 - into a networked matrix organization. Through active cross-divisional functions in the areas of growth, technology, creativity, effectiveness and now also people & culture, common quality standards are being created and skills, minds and cultures are being networked in a customer-centric way. Always with the aim of developing superior creative, digital, international and individually tailored solutions for the clients of all agencies as a multi-specialist.

FM Schmidt, CEO Scholz & Friends Family: "With the appointment of Nele Schnieder as Chief People Officer, the Scholz & Friends Family is taking another important step towards becoming one company. The Scholz & Friends Family consists of great people in different individual agencies. I am convinced that Nele, in her expanded role, will make a decisive contribution to ensuring that these people network and develop even better."

Nele Schnieder: "A culture of networking needs the right people with the right mindset: networkers, team players, people who recognize opportunities and the potential to bring the right people together. And it needs a common cultural denominator, shared values and an inclusive environment in which everyone can intuitively find their way around and work creatively and collaboratively. I am very much looking forward to being able to shape all of this for our agency brands across the Scholz & Friends Family."

In addition to her new role as Chief People Officer of the Scholz & Friends Family, Nele Schnieder will remain Partner and Managing Director of the Scholz & Friends Group.

Nele Schnieder joined Scholz & Friends in 2007, where she was initially responsible for people & culture at the Berlin office, and later for the entire group. In 2020, she was appointed to the Management Boards of Scholz & Friends Berlin and the Scholz & Friends Group. In 2022, she was appointed to the Partner Board of the Scholz & Friends Group.

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