Scholz & Friends Family appoints Simon Mattaj as Corporate Sustainability Director

The Scholz & Friends Family is creating a new position for internal sustainability management, thereby setting an important example for sustainable business practices. As Corporate Sustainability Director, Simon Mattaj will be responsible for the agency-wide management of all sustainability issues, including the implementation and further development of the agency's sustainability strategy.

Simon Mattaj is the new Corporate Sustainability Director of the Scholz & Friends Family (Copyright: Gesche Jäger)

Simon Mattaj assumes operational responsibility for the cross-location management of all sustainability activities of the Scholz & Friends Family. The focus here is on managing the ecological and social impact of the company's own actions - with the aim of optimizing the positive effects and minimizing the negative ones. This also includes the corresponding requirements for the upstream and downstream value chain. The sustainability strategy of the Scholz & Friends Family serves as the basis for this. It covers the areas of corporate governance, work for customers, employees, the environment, and society, including 15 key topics that are underpinned by specific targets, measures and KPIs. As part of green production concepts, priority is given to producing campaigns in the most climate-neutral way possible.

Simon Mattaj works closely with the Scholz & Friends Reputation team. For over 16 years, Scholz & Friends sustainability consultancy has been helping companies to integrate sustainability and responsibility into their business activities in a strategically sound manner, to achieve reliable results and to communicate these professionally and credibly.

FM Schmidt, Scholz & Friends Family: "The appointment of Simon Mattaj is an important step in the strategic corporate development of the Scholz & Friends Family. We not only want to advise our clients in line with ecological necessities and regulatory requirements, but also measure ourselves against these standards. As Corporate Sustainability Director, Simon Mattaj will coordinate our diverse sustainability management activities and develop them further in the future. I look forward to working with Simon and the impact he will have in his new role."

Simon Mattaj: "Communications agencies are companies with a steering effect. As a large agency group, we have a responsibility and are committed to using our resources and creative expertise to have a positive impact on employees, society, and the environment. We are convinced that creativity has the potential to shape both opinions and behavior to the extent necessary for the transition to a more climate-friendly, socially just future. We want to leverage this potential together with the industry and drive sustainable change."

Simon Mattaj has been with Scholz & Friends since 2015. As Strategy Consultant, he has worked for various clients such as Danone, Vodafone, VHV and Siemens. In recent years, Simon Mattaj has increasingly focused on the agency's own corporate strategy. Since 2020, for example, he has been responsible for the implementation and further development of the action plan for more diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2023, he expanded his area of responsibility and took on the agency group's overarching sustainability strategy. Among other things, he successfully completed training as a certified CSR manager while working.

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