Scholz & Friends presents Action Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Transformation program for more diversity and equal opportunities 

The partner board of the Scholz & Friends Group unanimously decided on a 50% quota for equal representation of women and men on management levels until 2022. The commitment is part of a comprehensive action plan for diversity, equity and inclusion. After Catherine Gaudry's appointment to the agency group's partner board, the department “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” (D.E.I.) at Scholz & Friends - among one of the first German agencies - is anchored at the highest management level. With the action plan, Scholz & Friends is now allowing clear words to be followed by concrete decisions. 

Scholz & Friends' action plan for diversity, equity and inclusion (pdf)

New structures for equal leadership 

To create a diverse and inclusive work environment, Scholz & Friends’ plan includes five fields of action: structures, leadership, culture, communication and compliance. The action plan is effective immediately and will be implemented for each location and each business unit of Scholz & Friends within the next two years. Driven to reach the quota, each location and division of Scholz & Friends will work out an implementation plan by the end of this year, with concrete measures regarding how the goals will be achieved. By the end of next year, Scholz & Friends is aiming for at least 30% of the positions at the top management levels – management directors and partner board - to be female. 

Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO Scholz & Friends Group: “The action plan announced today expresses the claim of Scholz & Friends to set standards in the areas of diversity and equality. With our plan of action, we want to provide a systemic, sustainable and future-oriented answer to the discussions of the past weeks. Values ​​cannot remain words. That is why we have made specific and binding decisions by which we can be measured." 

Catherine Gaudry, Head of Talent & Managing Director International Business and member of the Scholz & Friends partner board: “At Scholz & Friends, we face the same challenges as other businesses and society as a whole. We want to actively and quickly drive changes for the better - for our employees, for the talents of tomorrow and for the agency landscape in general."

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