The Receptionist

International B2B campaign in comedy format for Schott

High-tech with its heart in the right place - this is how the specialty glass manufacturer SCHOTT presents itself in its B2B campaign #glasslovers - United by a passion for glass. Centerpiece of the campaign is our humorous series "The Receptionist" with actor and comedian Michael Kessler. As a fictional employee, he provides sympathetic insights into the soul of the globally active company.

Scholz & Friends
2021 & 2022

Authentic and humorous

Normally, there is little room for entertainment when it comes to communicating complex information in the field of special glass. With the series "The Receptionist", we are breaking completely new ground in B2B communication together with SCHOTT. Michael Kessler's phrases like "bend a phone like a cheese sandwich" get to the heart of SCHOTT's expertise in a humorous way. "Brand building in the B2B environment also works through emotion, and B2B target groups also have emotional decision-making motives. In order to leverage this potential, we rely on authenticity and humor with 'The Receptionist'. After all, it may be all about business, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings," say Christina Rettig, Head of Communications at SCHOTT, and Michael Müller, Communication Manager and Project Manager unisono.

Innovation paired with a twinkle in the eye

The receptionist positions the SCHOTT company as an approachable global player with German roots. With a good dose of self-irony, he is the main character in the content series and represents all of the employees at SCHOTT who are truly passionate about glass as a material. Lead actor Michael Kessler adds: "SCHOTT not only has world-class glass, but also world-class humor. That's why I was immediately on fire for the project and am very excited to slip into the role of Fritz, the receptionist." The launch of the series is accompanied by an international display and moving image campaign.

To be continued...

After the first two episodes were successfully launched and met with an extremely positive response from both the target audience and the industry media, the story of Fritz was continued with two more episodes.