VMLY&R Commerce GmbH to become Scholz & Friends Commerce GmbH  

The former “VMLY&R Commerce GmbH” is to be renamed “Scholz & Friends Commerce GmbH” with effect from March 1, 2022. The company has already been part of P&L and the management structure of Scholz & Friends Family since January 1. Now Scholz & Friends is following suit in terms of company name and branding.  

The commercial register transfer is currently underway. With this move, the agency group with a 250-strong workforce and offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf will now be fully integrated into Scholz & Friends Family also as regards branding. The renaming will not affect “Argonauten GmbH”, which will continue to operate under the company and brand name “Argonauten” even as part of Scholz & Friends Family. Subsequent to the renaming, selective solutions will be developed for the various locations and units of “VMLY&R Commerce GmbH” with a view to securing the best possible integration.  

Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO of Scholz & Friends Family: “After assuming management responsibility for VMLY&R Commerce Group’s 250-strong team in Germany, renaming to Scholz & Friends Commerce marks the next logical step. We are delighted that the former Geometry Germany staff will be sailing under the Scholz & Friends flag from March onward and joining us on our journey into a networked future with wide-ranging growth prospects. The specialized competencies of the various units represent a significant strengthening of Scholz & Friends Family and are to be positioned in the market in an even more differentiated way going forward.” 

The future “Scholz & Friends Commerce GmbH” will comprise various units at the Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf locations offering specialist expertise in commerce and retail, strategy, consulting as well as branding & design. Working in harness with the various agency units, selective solutions will be developed under a new, overarching Scholz & Friends Family strategy and implemented within the first six months of 2022.

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Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO Scholz & Friends Family
Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO der Scholz & Friends Family

Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO of Scholz & Friends Family

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